Ray Rice Released....

9/8/2014 3:26:38 PM
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Does anyone actually believe that the NFL and the Ravens never saw the tape? And do you think Rice will ever play again? 

He was actually pretty washed up, so my guess is that he's not worth the trouble. 

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peace out
9/8/2014 3:35:51 PM Report Abuse

Ray Rice is a coward 2 years minimum before he begin to think about trying to return.

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9/10/2014 7:46:05 AM Report Abuse

I, personally, don't believe the claim from the powers that be of never seeing that tape.  Irregardless of that fact, the Ray Rice suspension is most certainly warranted.  And he should consider himself blessed that he is not locked up for spousal abuse.  Though I don't think he should come back (he isn't a dominant player any longer) I'm sure some team may try to give him a second chance ,,, (the raiders are famous for giving second chances to washed up NFL vets).  LOL.  Either way, he's a second rate punk for his actions.    

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